Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation Australia Stories

Ted’s Story

11 June 2017

In August 2010 we welcomed our 4th child, Ted into the family. On his initial examination, the midwife commented on his ‘funny feet’. His 2nd and 3rd toes were joined together but we thought nothing of it as joined toes are . . . (read more)

Keely’s Story

30 May 2017

Our beautiful girl, Keely, was born on the 22nd of March, 2015. She is our second born daughter. Her sister sister, Layla, is 14 months older. We became concerned when Keely wasn't reaching her development milestones at 1 year old. At this age . . . (read more)

Chelsea’s Story

22 May 2017

Chelsea is happy, loud and very energetic young lady. Chelsea was diagnosed at 2 years old but have only recently connected with the pms family, for 10 years i thought we were alone. Chelsea is non verbal but communicates with her ipad, . . . (read more)

Holly’s Story

05 June 2017

Holly is a beautiful and brave 14 year old young lady. With a smile that would melt any heart. She meets life head on , with her sidekick and best friend Scooby. This duo are unstoppable.After a difficult and complicated pregnancy . . . (read more)

Logan’s Story

21 November 2015

In March 2012 Jason and i found out that finally we were expecting our first child due in November later that year. We were so excited that the last 7years had finally paid off and it was our turn to become . . . (read more)

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