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Local student taking on P-MS research

Local student taking on P-MS research

This is Riley (pictured left). He is studying at Sydney University to be a genetic engineer, currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science majoring in Genetics & Genomics and Project Management. 

Riley’s interests lie heavily in genetically predetermined diseases and syndromes such as Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (PMS).

Riley attended the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Australian conference in January of 2020 to gain a better understanding behind the genetic components of PMS but to also explore the practical side in relation to seeing the people affected first-hand.

Riley would like to attend the international PMS conference in July 2020.

Riley feels that it would benefit him in developing knowledge and interest towards the syndrome and would give him the opportunity to make contacts and eventually work towards curing PMS itself.

On Saturday 18th April 2020, we will be hosting a trivia night at Campbelltown Golf Club to help cover some costs for Riley to attend the conference in Orlando, this coming July. Tickets will be available shortly.

Local student taking on P-MS research

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